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Our history

Our History

Moshiki is inseparably linked to its founder Moshe Nasav. Characterized by curiosity and openness, he traveled to exotic lands and foreign cultures early in life. His intimate closeness to people and fashion inspired him to weave fabrics, colors, forms and international trends into something new. Forming a fashion label, to unite Western and Eastern traditions, colorful as life itself.

In the early years it was about being confident enough to oppose rigid Fashion structures and to establish a new, livelier approach. For this, Moshe used the colorful arena of markets and music festivals. In the middle of pulsating streets, exuberant bands and celebrating people, the brand Moshiki was first brought into being.

Later on, as more and more people started to look for better choices to express their individuality and for livelier colors to link the inner with the outer, customers desired even more fresh designs. The time had come for Moshe to bring more people into the label to help meet the demand. Today Moshiki is a thriving company with wonderful designers, an extensive network and loyal, enthusiastic customers. The fashion label remains true to Moshe’s imaginative, colorful style and stays trendy without being mainstream. It designs artful clothes, easy to wear, for just about anyone who wants to look exceptionally good.

One more thing to say. What will always remain in Moshiki is the humanity of the label. Moshiki continues to show that fair working conditions, close relationships, mutual exchange, due respect for clients and fair prices are the foundation of what we do.