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Production and Fair Trade

Inspired by a fantastic world of different fabrics, materials, colors and shapes, Moshiki's designer workshop is always longing to create something new. Transferring the resulting designs into tangible products however, takes more than just creative heads.

It takes experience and expertise forged from a deep mutual friendship and respect with those who can execute the designs. Moshiki has developed partnerships over many years, with skilled Artisans located nearby and abroad, especially in Nepal, a wonderful country with hearty people. And a place with which Moshiki’s founder Moshe Nasav has always maintained a close relationship.

Working in close collaboration on all of the details, the actual production can finally begin. It is a careful process in which the individual garments are still being made by hand, with a strong emphasis on natural, pollution-free materials. Our emphasis on quality is visible in everything we touch.

It is important to mention that all of the men and women of Moshiki produce under fair conditions and valuable principles: fairness, responsibility, adequate pay and no child work. Our workers are people we personally know and highly appreciate. For us, fair trade is more than just an idea. It is put into practice every single day of the year. In return our workers and partners give us their dedication and passion, which are visibly reflected in the lovingly produced and hand-sewn garments.