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Mouth and nose mask 101 Blue circle

- Face mask
- 95% viscose and 5% elastane
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Fabric mask, mouth and nose mask

If you're gonna use a mask, do it in style. Our practical Moshiki fabric masks not only do what they are supposed to do, they also look good. You can already be happy about envious looks. Choose your favourite colour pattern and you are ready! Moshiki mouth-nose masks are not a medical product, mouth-nose protection, a breathing mask or comparable protective equipment. They are "mouth-nose masks", which can provide a certain degree of protection for others and oneself, and can also encourage social distancing.

    Your advantages of Moshiki fabric mouth and nose masks
  • Machine washable up to 40 degrees
  • Cleaning alternatives see below
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable to wear, easy to put on
  • Reusable
  • With extra pocket for additional filter element
  • Relatively close meshed
  • Stylish up to the strap
  • One size fits all due to stretchable fabric and support

Respiratory masks with FFP certification and surgical masks are currently not easy to obtain and are primarily intended for medical personnel. In addition, a regular mouthguard or respiratory mask is usually intended for single use only. Temporary protection masks, which also include our fabric masks, reduce the current infection risks without completely eliminating them. They are therefore expressly not intended as medical products, but are currently intended for general daily use, for example for shopping or travel on public transport. Just as regular hand washing and keeping a sufficient distance from fellow citizens are important in this corona crisis, any protection is valuable. For this reason, several countries and institutes already recommend wearing a temporary protective mask in public.

How to use the mouth and nose mask correctly
✓ Wash hands thoroughly before putting on and after taking off
✓ Place the temporary mouthguard so that it is as close as possible to the skin
✓ If possible, do not touch the mask when wearing it and if so, only on the wearer
✓ Test at home before first use to ensure that breathing is problem-free
✓ As soon as the mouth mask is soaked through, it should be changed as soon as possible (having a replacement mask with you is always a good idea)

Hint: Our fabric masks come with an extra pocket inside, which you can reinforce with an extra filter element if you wish (for example coffee filter, double fabric layer, double folded kitchen roll, vacuum cleaner filter piece...)

Hygiene Instruction
You can wash the temporary protective mask normally at 40°. To kill viruses and bacteria, pour (almost) boiling water over the fabric mask and leave the mask in place until the water is lukewarm again. An alternative is to let the fabric mask dry in the oven at 80° for 30 minutes.

Helpful hints: Which type of mouthguard / makeshift mouthguard is useful in the current crisis?
As medical types of mouthguards or respiratory masks are manufactured using CE certified masks with FFP standards, it is essential that these are made available to hospitals and medical personnel in sufficient quantities. Due to worldwide supply bottlenecks, this is unfortunately not guaranteed at present. Another medical mask is the classic surgical mask, which, like the other medical masks, is intended for single use.
As long as there is no broad respiratory protection solution for the general population, it is recommended to wear temporary masks for private use. Like the present mask, these are usually made of fabric which is also reusable and washable. So out of respect for fellow human beings and from a practical point of view, fabric masks for the general public make the most sense at present. At least as long as no recommendations to the contrary are made by the government or the German Robert-Koch-Institute.

Important note: We ask for your understanding, because it is a hygiene article this article is excluded from exchange when the package is opened.

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