Sarah 19084 Body Dresses

Sarah 19084

Item No: 10077

- Lenght: 93 cm
- One size
- Rayon
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Moshiki and the art on fabric.
This garment can be worn completely straightforward with internally-mounted strips as a skirt, dress or pants. It can be worn quite flexible to the individual daily fashion-mood and look of the wearer. Self-reliance is the name of the game when you transform our garment in a skirt, dress or pants.
Rayon is an artificially made fiber and is also called viscose or artificial silk. For the production of rayon, chemical fibers based on cellulose are used.

Waist: ca. 76cm - 102cm, length: ca. 93 cm.
If you enlarge the top left of the article picture with the magnifier, you will see the six basic forms of Sarah imaged. Of course, there is still enough space the substance individualize your own fashion style. Six different variations wearing with a fabric and patterns you'll like. Our miracle Sarah puts up with your creativity when it comes to pants, dresses and skirts. One fits all. It's true not only for the size adjustment of our wrap skirts, but this time even for 3 categories of garments. The skirt, the dress and the pants!

Each Moshiki Dress Sarah is unique. Thus, it can always be ordered only once. Each item is individually photographed and looks just like at the pictures. Deviations in color are possible due to the individual settings of your display device.

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