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Hot-Cookie Wrapskirts

Hot Cookies are what our company is build on.
Because we care for and love our planet, up until today our Hot Cookies are made from leftover fabric that we buy from bigger companies to save them from being thrown away.
We are proud to say that:
  • all our skirts and sidepockets are made from leftover fabric we buy personally on local markets, carefully choosing every design out of hundreds of choices. Although it takes a lot of effort, we proudly do it to reduce the waste of fabric in the fashion industry.
  • Hot Cookies are made in factories we have known for years. We visit on a regular basis, so we can control and ensure fair working conditions.
  • our workers in the factories are specially trained to make our unique designs in perfect quality.
  • Hot Cookies are 100% made with nickel-free buttons.

Swing your hips baby!

Looking for colorful trendsetters? Our Hot Cookies Collection and our colorful Side Pockets will satisfy your needs with ease. Plus, you'll also find a companion for all occasions. Whether large or small, slim or a bit of an extra hip, our refined push button system is easily adjustable for all sizes. Individual combinations of materials, carefully selected by us, will let your heart bounce from joy. So get your unique favorite piece, before it's taken! It's also well worth it to take a look at our knit skirts and felt skirts. Adorable knitted woolen skirts and warming hip pleasers puts you right on stage. Have fun!