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Dress I-101 - 26582

- Lenght: 93 cm
- One size
- Rayon

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Item number 26582

The Moshiki dress I-101

Moshiki's Stoffwunder sets no limits to your own creativity. This Moshiki dress can be transformed into four different variations. In a dress, skirt, long or short - no problem for this highly talented dress. One fits all! Do-it-yourself when she transforms this piece of clothing into a skirt or dress. The dress is woven from high-quality cotton and provided with summery prints. It inspires not only by variability.

To our always favorable price: Four times a wearing variant from a material and patterns which please.
Waistband: approx. 76cm - 102cm, length: approx. 93 cm.

Rayon is an artificially produced fiber and is also called viscose or artificial silk. For the production of rayon chemical fibres based on cellulose are used.

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Skirt: Wear the "skirt" on the hip/waist and use the wide straps to fix it in place.
(Variation also possible in short)

Dress: Pull the "dress" over your chest and tie the two wide bands so that you feel comfortable and nothing can slip.
(Variation also possible in short)

Pants: Wear the "pants" on the hip/waist and use the wide straps to fix them. Knot the ligaments between the legs. Connect the middle band at the back with one of the two front bands.
(Variation also possible in short)

The fabric waistband: The waistband consists of two parts. One is elastic, the other a normal fabric waistband. You can decide which one you wear in the front, or rather in the back.

Two wide straps: You can use the wide straps on the waistband to fix it. How you want to bind them finally is up to you. For example, you can wrap the ribbons completely around your hips, make a loop or a loop. Drape them in front, side or back.

Variations in short: Here you have to look at the left side of the Dress I-101. There are two rows with ten loops each. If you connect each loop of the upper row with each loop of the lower row, you get a shortening. So knot one loop of the top row and one loop of the bottom row, etc.

Item ID 16353
Model Dress I-101
Manufacturing country India
Content 1 piece
Weight 350 g